Wellness and beauty
is a human right

Through self care we learn to accept ourselves and others

Accept yourself

When we view a flower far beyond its imperfections, we will then begin to see the beauty in its petals. Beauty is acceptance.

Accept others

How we view the world is a direct reflection of how we view ourselves. Once we accept others as they are, we can then accept ourselves in the fullest light.

Embody beauty

When you view yourself and others in the lens of beauty, you can help those around you embrace their own charm. Your smile is a ripple effect for positivity in the world.
Bentonite Clay + Zinc and Sulfur Masque
This intensive corrective treatment complements your daily blemish-fighting routine by removing dirt and impurities better than cleanser alone and has extraordinary anti-aging technology. This clay-based formula targets problem areas, spots, and clogged pores, to reduce congestion and balance the skin. Bentonite clay has a magnetic effect that pulls oil and impurities from pores; salicylic acid, a proven blemish-fighting ingredient, exfoliates dead skin and works to reduce the appearance of blemishes and swelling, leaving the skin smooth, soft, and clear.
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Shea Butter and Coconut Formula
Rejuvenate and revitalize dry lips with this intensive overnight mask. With a blend of nourishing shea butter and vitamin E, this soothing treatment sinks in quickly to leave lips feeling soft, smooth, and supple. Use the Coconut Lip Rejuvenation Mask to moisturize and replenish for a flawless pout by morning, or use generously throughout the day and use it to ground back to your inner beauty.
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Copaiba-Infused Body Oil
This complete body oil can be used on the hands, feet, face, and hair. It combines a moisturizing blend of jojoba, vitamin C and E, and rich rosehip oil with a naturally occurring, anti-inflammatory healing compound that consists of copaiba and frankincense.
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Collagen Gummies (Adult)
Supplement To Support Healthy Skin
Bear-shaped and orange flavored collagen gummies promote healthy joints and support skin. The added vitamin C helps the body to be able to properly process and use collagen. A delicious way to support health and youthfulness.
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Inner SHine

Beauty shines inside out

How we see ourselves and the world around us is not simply a matter of sight, but also perception. It is our mental impression of life as we experience it through our senses and emotions. A rainbow does not present itself unless it is at 42 degrees of the sun. Likewise, we cannot fully see our hope and beauty unless we stand at the right perspective to life. Halo is about shifting that perspective to help change the way we feel about ourselves inside.


Feel Good, Look Good

Beauty should not only be experienced cosmetically, but thoughtfully. Through the practice of mindfulness, such as breathing techniques combined with product application, you can cultivate inner peace and outer radiance. The journey to developing this habit is not always easy. That’s what Halo 42 is here for--to help you shift your approach to beauty and rediscover hope!
Femail model posing with

Tim Quinn

Beauty Expert

Mark A. Turnipseed

Wellness Expert

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