When the pandemic hit, Tim Quinn, like many others, was at a loss. He had built his life off of making people feel beautiful at the beauty counter. But now his worldwide stage in the ArmaniBeauty celebrity makeup artistry was shut down, but his passion began stirringhotter than ever.

Personally speaking it ended upbeing a good time for Tim to take some time off daily shows and traveling forArmani. His mother had developed dementia, requiring continuous personal care, andhis lifelong romantic partner and sidekick passed away from opioid addiction.This led Tim to do much personal reflection on his own nonstop lifelong careerand his late partners battle with addiction.

In his quiet reflection, Tim beganto do a lot of reading. In addition, while spending every waking hour caringpatiently for his mother, Tim recognized that he needed to care for himself.

In perfect timing Tim stumbledacross a memoir by a new to the scene health and wellness coach, Mark A.Turnipseed, that highlighted the questions about an inner shift to createlasting beauty and self-love that could conquer even the hardest of challenges,like addiction or recovery from life itself.

When Tim reached out to Mark topraise him for the book and inquire about coaching he had no idea that Mark wassoon to be closing on a house in the same neighborhood of Boca Raton, Florida.They started meeting that same week.

What transpired over the next fewmonths was a total transformation. Tim recalls friends responding to his progresswith great surprise and admiration. People were stopping him in the street andasking what it was that he had changed. But it wasn’t just physical. His wholeoutlook on life and beauty had shifted. He felt inside that a new ray of hopehad been restored and one that he wanted to share with the world.

It wasn’t make-up that helpedrestore Tim’s beauty, rather it was self-care. So he decided to take what hehad learned from his coaching with Mark and turn it into a product that helpedothers to recognize the same hope and beauty that he experienced. This samehope and beauty, through Mark’s coaching, had saved others and it was time togive it to the world.

Therefore, Tim began working onarduously, with Mark alongside, to design a brand with a message, a purpose,and a product that could transform a person’s relationship with beauty and it’snow available to you.





Interestingly, one of the herbalremedies that Tim had learned from Mark’s coaching sessions was Copaiba. WhileMark was sharing that this essential oil from the amazon had helped him torecover from his depression, aided in holistically reducing inflammation, andpromoted cardiovascular health Tim became enthralled.

Tim knew that although no one hadbeen marketing it that copaiba had long been known to help in the healing ofscars, reducing the stress in the skin, and creating even tone, but whenlearning about the other benefits the brand came together.


Tim decided that it was time tobridge the gap between mental health, physical wellbeing, and beauty.




           Core to Mark’sstory of recovery from opioid dependence, depression, and anxiety and centralto his coaching philosophy was mindfulness. Mindfulness, Tim came to recognize,was the key his life had been missing in the fast-paced celebrity make-upscene. Mindfulness, he ascertained, was where true beauty, for anyone, could berecognized and through Mindfulness, hope could become established.

           Mindfulness,Tim recognized, can shift a person’s perspective. The rainbow is a sign of hopeand typical rainbow is viewed under certain circumstances. This, Timrecognized, was like Makeup work. But the upside-down rainbow, also known asthe halo rainbow, is only visible at 42 degrees and it’s available at all timesnot dependent on a recent storm. The upside-down rainbow is visible to anyone atany time with a simple shift of perspective.

Beauty and hope are available toanyone with a simple shift of perspective. It doesn’t require the right make-upor the right complexion. Sure, these things can help create wonderful works ofart, but real beauty starts with mindful self-care.




Halo42 is about spreading beauty andhelping everyone recognize their own. Engagement in beauty is not somethingthat is dictated by your skin tone, race, gender because Halo42 recognizes thatbeauty is a human right.

Halo42 is about making beauty accessible.It’s possible, we believe, that through simplifying our self-care lifestylethat we can begin to reinvent ourselves and our relationship with beauty. Thisis why our products and application are designed to be simple and withoutostentatious claims. Our pledge is not to convince you that you need a fullline of products and a 7-step routine where you have to buy all of ourproducts. Our pledge is that with our simplified approach you can care for yourentire being giving yourself more time to spend in the mindful application andenjoyment of the product.